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Luxurious Preconception, birth control Detox and fertility support tea

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The Preconception detox tea prepares the body for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

How to use:
Prepare this tea by adding 2 tsps of Preconception detox tea in 2 cups of cold water in a pan. Bring to a boil then simmer until reduced by half. Strain and Enjoy! Drink once a day ideally before bedtime . Drink at least 2 lt of water per day (throughout the day) to facilitate the detox.

Ingredients and benefits:

Burdock Root*
Burdock root supports overall liver function for improved hormonal balance.

Dandelion leaf*
For fertility cleansing, dandelion leaf can shore up nutrients that may be lacking, while cleansing toxins like hormone disrupting chemicals that can build up and stress the liver.

Nettle Leaf*
High in calcium and magnesium, this herb also cleanses and detoxifies to clear the system of harmful compounds that may be affecting fertility.

Pau d'Arco*
Liver cleansing

Rhubarb Root*
Flushes out undesirable compounds out of our body efficiently

Body detoxifier


Medical disclaimer
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