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Unblock my Fallopian Tubes Tea refill

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Revitalize your fertility journey with the Unblock my Fallopian Tubes Tea and renew your body from within.

Introducing the Unblock My Fallopian Tubes Tea - a herbal infusion designed to support the health of your female reproductive system. Harnessing the power of Mother Nature, this tea blend comprises a carefully selected combination of potent herbs that work together in promoting healthy blood circulation and detoxification.

Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it also helps regulate menstruation while nourishing your womb and ovaries for optimum fertility. Whether you're trying to conceive or simply looking to boost your overall reproductive wellness, this  natural Fallopian Tubes Tea is an excellent choice for women who want to take charge of their health with ease and efficacy

  • Enhances blood circulation to the female reproductive system, supporting healthy ovulation
  • Promotes detoxification of the body, eliminating harmful toxins that can hinder fertility
  • Encourages hormonal balance for optimal reproductive health and function
  • Aids in unblocking fallopian tubes by reducing inflammation and promoting healing processes within the body's tissues

Red raspberry leaf, Ginger root, Dandelion root, Hibiscus

Three times a day, for 3 months, prepare a decoction by adding 2 tsps of tea into 2 cups (473 ml) of cold water in a pan. Bring to a boil, then simmer until reduced by half.
Strain and Drink.

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