Collection: Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalances related signs and symptoms 

Low Progesterone signs and symptoms

Absence of periods PMS Mood swings
Anxiety No ovulation Weight gain
Heavy periods Headaches Low libido
Painful intercourse PCOS Infertility
Vaginal dryness Insomnia Miscarriages


High Estrogen signs and symptoms

PMS Fibroids Endometriosis
Breast lumps Swollen breasts Fibrocystic breasts
PCOS Infertility Hip fat
Weight gain Cellulite Water retention


High Progesterone signs and symptoms

Vaginal infections Weight gain Water retention
Bloating Cramping  Fatigue
Mood swings Appetite changes Depression


Low Estrogen signs and symptoms

Fatigue Memory loss Hot flashes
Osteoporosis Mood swings Incontinence
Muscle loss No libido Infertility


High Cortisol signs and symptoms

Weight gain Acne, eczema. and other skin conditions High anxiety
High blood sugar Frequent colds and infections... Mood swings
Sugar cravings Insulin resistance  Low immune functions
Brain fog Irritability Insomnia
High Blood pressure Premature aging Depression

Low Cortisol signs and symptoms    

Low afternoon energy Salt cravings Stress
Low blood sugar Drowsiness Dizziness
Low blood pressure Fatigue Insomnia


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