Luxurious Fertility teas for Women

  • The Hormones Balance Tea

    "Really impressed with this tea! I usually hate the taste of teas but this has a really nice taste. Seller was helpful in recommending me which tea to use. I have noticed a difference in my moods, libido, and period pain was basically non existent! Would 100% recommend."

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  • The Fallopian Cleanse Tea - The Healing Tree of Life

    The Fibroids Relief Tea

    "Great packaging and a note followed with instructions. Added a little honey and it's enjoyable.... and a few weeks later and I'm pregnant 🤰"

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  • The Healing Tree of Life Preconception Detox Tea

    The Preconception Detox Tea

    "It actually do work!!"

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  • Fertility Tea after 40 tea - The Healing Tree of Life

    The Menopause Support Tea

    " I needed to wait a whole two months of trying this as i wanted to make sure I had given everything time to work. I messaged the lovely seller after buying this product, the detox tea and the womb 3 month bundle. I messaged with a dilemma of coming off HRT, being diagnosed with early menopause and not having regular periods. I got the most loveliest message back with a full printed guide on what to use first and when. I stopped my HRT and started my detox, usually when stopping my HRT, my mood swings, hot flushes etc come back after two weeks and in full force too. I knew the detox was working because all my symptoms were back within 7 days. Once starting my second tub of womb tea, my hot flushes went away and my natural period came back ♥️ "

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  • The Womb Cleanse Tea

    " I’ve been trying to get rid of my ovarian cyst now for about 3 months with no luck really until drinking this tea. My flow is a lot heavier and I feel a lot less pain in the side where the cyst is. I also had a few blood clots come out which looks like pieces of the cyst. Thanks ! Will be ordering another today "

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  • The Fertile Womb Tea

    " I used your embrace my flow and it helped me with my ovarian cyst and now I drank this one and just found out I’m pregnant ! Thank u 🙏🏼 happy holidays !"

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