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Full Body Detox Tea

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Experience a rejuvenating cleanse with the Full Body Detox Tea - the ultimate path to holistic well-being!

The Full Body Detox Tea is more than just a tea; it's your ticket to experience the benefits of natural and organic ingredients carefully blended for an effective cleanse. You don't have to swallow pills or gulp down harsh liquids anymore, as this superb herbal blend does wonders. Made with you in mind, the 21-day detox programme is formulated to work seamlessly with your busy lifestyle while providing complete detoxification benefits.

This powerful mix of Burdock Root, Dandelion leaf, Nettle Leaf, Pau d'arco, Rhubarb Root and Sarsaparilla works in perfect synergy improving liver cleanse, colon cleanse, kidneys function ensuring optimum digestive performance upkeeping overall well-being. Not only will it help regulate bowel movements without any side effects but also enhance mental clarity for motivation and energy boost.

Furthermore, this supreme tea can help improve sleep quality over time so that you wake up refreshed and energised each day. It’s no secret that environmental factors we are exposed to may cause toxins build-up leading us towards sickness & chronic diseases nothing like coming back on track naturally through a full body cleansing process using this Premium Organic Herbal Blend. So, are you ready to experience ultimate wellness?

  • Cleanse Your Body Naturally: the Full Body Detox Tea's organic herbal blend supports liver, colon, and kidney cleanse for natural detoxification
  • Promotes Better Sleep: Regular consumption of this tea can improve sleep quality for a more restful night
  • Increases Motivation: With its energy-boosting properties, this 21-day detox programme can help you stay motivated throughout the day
  • Safe for Vegans and Vegetarians: This herbal blend is made with only organic ingredients and is suitable for those following a plant-based diet

Burdock root, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Pau d’ arco, Rhubarb Root

Once a day, for 21 days at bedtime prepare a decoction by adding 2 tsps of tea into 2 cups of cold water in a pan. Bring to a boil, then simmer until reduced by half.
Strain and Drink. 

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