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Fertile Womb Tea refill

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Empower your fertility with each sip of the Fertile Womb Tea, promoting regular menstrual cycles and optimal conditions for conception and implantation.

The Fertile Womb Tea is one such product, expertly formulated from 100% organic herbs that work in harmony with your body's natural processes. This tea contains potent ingredients that are specifically geared towards promoting regular menstrual cycles, ovulation, healthy uterine lining for implantation, and overall reproductive balance.

With the Fertile Womb Tea as part of your daily wellness routine, you can be sure to give yourself the best chance at realising your dreams of starting or expanding a family. Trust us; we know how precious those hopes are!

  • Promotes regular periods, aiding in tracking ovulation for optimal conception
  • Naturally supports the female reproductive system, enhancing chances of successful implantation
  • Handcrafted with organic herbs to nourish and balance hormones for improved fertility health

Damiana, Dandelion leaf, Nettle Leaf, Red Raspberry leaf, Sarsaparilla, Spearmint

Twice a day, for 3 months prepare an infusion by steeping 1 tsp of tea into 1 cup (236.5 ml) of boiling water for 10 mins.
Strain and Drink.

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