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Sensual Yoni Steam

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Revive your intimacy with the Sensual Yoni Steam natural solution for vaginal dryness and enhanced libido through the ancient practice of yoni steaming.

The Sensual Yoni Steam is an innovative product that offers a natural and effective solution for vaginal dryness. This unique steam aids in increasing blood flow, promoting relaxation and ultimately enhancing libido. The Sensual Yoni Steam allows for a gentle yet powerful yoni steaming experience enabling users to feel rejuvenated before intercourse or any sexual activity they may have planned. This steam provides a holistic approach towards women's wellness by enabling the body's natural healing processes to restore balance while effectively improving intimate health concerns like vaginal dryness. Try the Sensual Yoni Steam today and unlock your optimal feminine potential!

  • The Sensual Yoni Steam promotes vaginal health by reducing dryness and increasing moisture
  • Regular use of the Sensual Yoni Steam can enhance libido and improve sexual satisfaction during intercourse
  • Yoni steaming with the Sensual Yoni Steam can help balance hormones, resulting in a healthier menstrual cycle
  • Using Sensual Yoni Steam as part of your self-care routine can provide relaxation and stress relief for the mind and body

Vitex, Damiana, Dried grapefruit, Hibiscus, Nettle leaf, Sarsaparilla

Add 1/2 of the tub into a pan with 2L of water. Gently bring to a boil then transfer to your preferred yoni bath seat and allow the steam to reach your pelvic area.
Steam your yoni for about 15-30 minutes, 2 weeks prior your periods (once a week). The steam should feel pleasant, and you should feel a warm sensation.
If too hot, add some cold water.
Use as long as needed

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