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Yoni Balance Steam

Yoni Balance Steam

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Revive your intimacy with the Yoni Balance Steam, a natural solution for vaginal dryness and low libido through the ancient practice of yoni steaming.

  • The Yoni Balance Steam promotes vaginal health by reducing dryness and increasing moisture
  • Yoni steaming with the Yoni Balance Steam can help balance hormones, resulting in a healthier menstrual cycle
  • Using Yoni Balance Steam as part of your self-care routine can provide relaxation and stress relief for the mind and body

Vitex: Improve vaginal tone and firmness, increase vaginal lubrication, make intercourse easier and improve sexual function in perimenopause and postmenopausal women
Damiana: Reduces Vaginal Dryness and Increases Female Sexual Desire. Also, a Healthy Alternative to Menopausal Hormones.
Grapefruit: Supports yoni moisture and pH levels
Hibiscus:  Great for vaginal atrophy
Nettle leaf: Promotes healthy blood circulation
Sarsaparilla: Brings relief to vaginal dryness and restores libido.

Add 1/2 of the tub into a pan with 2L of water. Gently bring to a boil then transfer to your preferred yoni bath seat and allow the steam to reach your pelvic area.
Steam your yoni for about 15-30 minutes, 2 weeks prior your periods (once a week). The steam should feel pleasant, and you should feel a warm sensation.
If too hot, add some cold water.
Use as long as needed

For best results:
Use with the Sensual Yoni Tea

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