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Unblock my Fallopian Tubes Womb Steam

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Revitalize your reproductive health with our natural Fallopian tubes steam treatment, supporting healthy blood flow and detoxification for successful fertilization

Here at The Healing Tree of Life, we understand the importance of optimal reproductive health. Our in-house herbalist has meticulously crafted a powerful blend of herbal ingredients to promote blood circulation in your fallopian tubes and prepare your body for healthy conception with natural detoxification methods.

By using the healing properties of dandelion root, among other plants, our formula helps eliminate potentially harmful toxins from your system. Unlike traditional medical approaches that may carry unwanted side effects or risks to your overall well-being, our solution empowers you by enabling complete control over the balance and harmony of your body's natural functions.

With Unlock my Fallopian Tubes Womb Steam, you can efficiently enhance chances for fertilisation and finally achieve that precious dream - welcoming a new addition to your family!

  • Enhances the blood circulation in fallopian tubes, facilitating fertilisation
  • Aids in detoxifying the reproductive system for a healthy conception process
  • Offers an alternative to surgery or medication for unblocking fallopian tubes
  • Increases tubal function and boosts chances of a successful pregnancy by improving conception rates

Red raspberry leaf, Ginger root, Dandelion root, Hibiscus

Add 1/2 of the tub into a pan with 2L of water. Gently bring to a boil then transfer to your preferred yoni bath seat and allow the steam to reach your pelvic area.
Steam your yoni for about 15-30 minutes, 2 weeks prior your periods (once a week). The steam should feel pleasant, and you should feel a warm sensation.
If too hot, add some cold water.
Use as long as needed

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